Kurbaan (2009) Full Movie Watch Online HD Download

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Kurbaan (2009) Full Movie Watch Online HD Download

Movie Overview

Avantika Ahuja (Kareena Kapoor), an academic living in the United States, returns to Delhi after her father falls ill. While in India she meets Ehsaan Khan (Saif Ali Khan), a University professor from Mumbai; and the two become friends and soon fall in love. After some time, Avantika must return to work. Ehsaan readily agrees to emigrate for her, and the couple are soon married and living in America. Avantika helps Ehsaan in getting a job, and he is appointed as a professor to teach ‘Islam and the Modern World’ at the same university where she works. The pair live a happy life in a quiet suburb populated by many South Asian families.

Salma (Nauheed Cyrusi), Avantika’s neighbour, is effectively being confined in her own home by her husband Haqil. She manages to inform Avantika about the situation and requests her to contact Rehana (Dia Mirza), a friend and TV reporter. Avantika meets with Rehana and her boyfriend Riyaz (Vivek Oberoi), a Muslim American war journalist who has just arrived from Iraq. Together they discuss Salma’s problem and the trio conclude that Salma is probably the victim of domestic violence. Rehana plans a meeting with Salma, but is unable to meet her since she is leaving to Iraq, as part of a United Nations envoy.

Avantika is over joyed to learn that she is pregnant. While waiting for Ehsaan, she takes a walk around her street. Over hearing voices, she decides to investigate, and finds out that a group of men from her neighborhood, lead by the elder Bhaijaan (Om Puri), are planning a mission. They aim to bomb the plane that Rehana is travelling in, since it is carrying a large group of diplomats and media personnel. Avantika realises that they are part of a terrorist group and also comes across Salma’s dead body. The men see her and chase her to her house, where she meets Ehsaan. At first he consoles her, but soon reveals that he is also a part of the terrorist group. Avantika realizes that she is nothing but a pawn in Ehsaan’s game – he married her to legitimately obtain residency in the United States.

Movie Features

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Kurbaan (2009) Full Movie Watch Online HD Download

Release date
20 November 2009
Running time
160 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi

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